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Akeneo & Bynder connector : Configuration of the connector

Installation process

As it’s a SaaS solution, you don’t have to cary about the installation of the Akeneo & Bynder connector. And you will find everything here for the configuration


The connector needs to access to the applications with the API. You will have to give these accesses in Bynder and in Akeneo.

In Bynder, we use a Permanent Token. This token must have at least read and write rights on the assets AND metadata otherwise the connector will not be able to perform the desired updates.

You will need to also configure:

  • The URL of the PIM
  • The settings of the connection to be used (soon, the configuration will be made with the Akeneo Apps)

This connection must have read and write rights on products and assets. Without this, the connector will not work properly.

These parameters must be configured in the web interface

"akeneo_connection": {
    "url": "YOUR AKENEO URL",
    "clientId": "%AKENEO_CLIENT_ID%",
    "secret": "%AKENEO_SECRET%",
    "username": "%AKENEO_USER%",
    "password": "%AKENEO_PWD%"
"bynder_connection": {
    "domain": "YOUR BYNDER URL",
    "token": "%BYNDER_TOKEN%"

To prevent any security breach, the sensible data are stored in an encrypted variable

You can modify a parameter to improve performances:

    "delta": true,

With this, the connector will check only the assets modified since the last successfull job.

Bynder to Akeneo Mapping Parameters

This part is used to configure the transfer of asset URLS (with metadata) from Bynder to Akeneo.

The parameters are:

"mapping": [
		"akeneo_asset_family": "YOUR AKENEO ASSET FAMILY",
		"conditions": [ 
YOUR CONDITIONS: to be transferred, an asset must meet all the conditions
		"media_urls": {
			"BYNDER URL attribute": "Akeneo asset attribute"
** MANY URLS can be configures **
		"metadata": {
				"attribute": "AKENEO ASSET ATTRIBUTE",
				"locale": "AKENEO LOCALE",
				"channel": "AKENEO CHANNEL"
** MANY ATTRIBUTES can be configured **

Many mappings can be configured to match to all your couple Bynder Assets <-> Akeneo asset families. We will help you for the configuration if you want.

For the conditions, you can find information about the available operators : here

Multi products association

If you want to associate an asset to many products, you will use a metadata in BYnder to identify the SKUs of the products you want to associate to the asset you’ve uploaded.

In the connector parameter, you can add the parameters :

"akeneo_asset_multi_products": {
        "CODE_FOR_YOUR_RULE": {
            "asset_family": "AKENEO ASSET FAMILLY CODE",
            "identifiers": "{{ASSET FAMILLY ATTRIBUTE}}",
            "locale": null,
            "channel": null,
            "product_attribute": "AKENEO PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE",
            "separator": "|"

Here, for each asset of the asset familly « AKENEO ASSET FAMILLY CODE », we will look at the value of the asset attribute « ASSET FAMILLY ATTRIBUTE » and we will try to add the asset to the products in the asset collection with the code « AKENEO PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE ».

The text between {{ }} means that is a dynamic parameter. If you want to put a static parameter, remove the {{ }}.

Akeneo to Bynder Mapping Parameters

The reverse mapping is used to send information from Akeneo to Bynder.

If you want to use this feature, it’s configured in the same place, in a rule like previously.

"reverseMapping": [
            "akeneoProductField": {
                "attributeCode": "YOUR AKENEO ATTRIBUTE",
                "locale": "THE AKENEO LOCAL" or null,
                "channel": "THE AKENEO CHANNEL" or null
           "bynderMediaField": {
              "fieldCode": "YOUR BYNDER METADATA"
** MANY MAPPINGS can be added **

Mail alert

It’s now possible to be alerted when an error or a warning is rised during the execution of a job.

To configure it, you just need to put the addresses in the appropriate field. Many addresses can be added, you just have to separate the addresses with a comma (,)

Then choose which kind of alert you want to receive :

  • Warnings
  • Errors

Crontab setup

When the application is installed and configure, crontab must be setup to launch synchronization between Akeneo & Bynder.

The crontab parameters can be modified in the web interface:

To help you, the configuration is translated in a human readable text.


Download here a template